Supporting Platform


Investment and Financing Platform::

The investment and financing platform initiated in current stage is to build a "light-asset" company with "talents, technology, management, innovation and capital" as the main resources. This is fundamental basis of the company and is also decided by the differentiated and professionalized development principle of CCCC. Considering the size, resources, experience, and risk management ability of the company in current stage, we must carry out investment and financing and the resulting general contracting as well as special and professional construction in a moderate manner, act according to our abilities with emphasis put on general contracting (agency-based construction) management and design consultation. We will ally with powerful enterprises and with selected enterprises under CCCC to achieve the goal of "avoiding risk, win-win cooperation, and make a profit that can be earned".

Information Platform:

In order to adapt to the needs for development under new trends, we should consider the real situation of intelligence-based enterprises and companies to make a difference and carry out innovation in the application of internet and information technology. In the "13th Five-Year Plan", we will finish top-level design for information planning, system construction and information platform. For the existing systems and platforms, we will integrate, upgrade and transform the same and organize the building of collaborative design management information system. We will organize the research on collaborative development and design plus internet platform and innovate the new pattern with collaboration between internet information technology and design. We should adapt to the development trends of intelligence-based enterprise, quickly respond to market demand and competition changes, give full play to the enthusiasm of professionals and fully use social resources to serve the production and management of the company, build brand new system for production organization and management informatization and fully improve the production (working) efficiency and control ability.。

Scientific research and industrialization platform:

The technology and industrialization platform of the Company is to build a sci-tech innovation system facing the market and serving long-term development of the enterprise, to take the lead in full industry chain and whole business fields and make breakthroughs in strategic and forward-looking key technologies, so as to increase the market conversion rate and occupancy of scientific and technological achievements.