Project Management


The General Contracting Company, since the establishment, has formulated 21 enterprise rules including Management Measures for Engineering Projects, Management Rules for Engineering Projects, Management Measures for General Contract, Comprehensive Emergency Plan and Management Measures for Production Safety based on existing national laws and regulations and by combining advanced experience of all parties concerned in general contracting. The Company fostered 201 national registered engineers, including registered primary constructor, certified safety engineer, certified cost engineer and grade A registered structural engineer. It also established strategic cooperation relations with a number of financial institutions and enterprises.

With perfect systems, excellent talents and extensive social resources, the Company can provide customers with quality products and services in the field of general contracting.

In recent years, the Company’s investment business is developing steadily and at high speed, and the investment size has increased from billion yuan to 10 billion yuan; the investment fields have extended from conventional expressway projects to municipal and urban complex projects. The investment mode has expanded from single BOT mode to the present coexistence of PPP and franchising.